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Here’s some of the “music” released recently.


“Let’s Go (feat. Chris Brown)” by will.i.am

So, if you haven’t heard the controversy over this track, I’ll attempt to give my best amount of knowledgeable background. Mat Zo and Arty collaborated on a track titled “Rebound” on Anjunabeats. Then, Will.I.Am. and Chris Brown collaborate and commercialize “Let’s Go” … which is honestly the exact same song. They didn’t even remix the original… they just added lyrics. And the best part? They didn’t get permission and they didn’t give credit to the original producers.

“What do I know? I give it to legal I’m not no attourney. I did my piece. I gave credit to the person who did it, It’s not my fault he didn’t tell me about the other guy. So who’s to blame? I didn’t know, I wasn’t in the room when you made it. You shoulda told me you had a collaborator.” – Will.I.Am. in response.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Literally… I could have told you that Arty was a collaborator on the original track, “Rebound” by Mat Zo, just by typing “Rebound by Mat Zo” into Google… and guess what?! I’m not even an attorney! Silly how common sense works.

Then we have this great display of American intelligence:


Holy mother of God. First of all, the grammar and spelling in this tweet is less developed than a 3-year-old toddler’s. Second, according to Chris Brown’s tweet and completely logical thought process, it really doesn’t matter if I ever disregard the law or engage in copyright infringement… as long as someone asked me to do it.

2.0 by 98 Degrees

I get that bands take hiatuses and then later release their “comeback” album, but this is one band that probably should have stuck to acting on reality shows, becoming members of Chippendales, and trying to run for mayor. Although, to be fair, they failed at their attempts to succeed at those careers too. They came back together so long after they broke up that they were surprised they blew up on Twitter and Facebook… welcome to the new media, grandpas. This album is terrible. Just listen to the first single, “Microphone,” which I can’t even figure out what genre to label it as – it’s a terrible mix between electronic, pop, and autotune. Side note: it’s also about oral sex. Sorry, but there’s something terribly wrong about 40 year olds singing songs about oral sex that target the pre-teen segment of the world. The best part is that when being questioned if they knew the song was about oral sex, they respond by saying they thought it was about singing in a microphone. Really… if the song was truly about microphones it would not contain the lyrics, “I’ll make you scream at the top of your lungs.” To entertain you, here’s some quotes from them in their interview with The Daily Beast:

“We made a conscious decision that we weren’t going to write on this record. We wrote 11 of the 13 on the last record.”

Thank god your so dedicated to be the best possible musicians you can be!

“New music from 98 Degrees was something that we were getting requests for so we wanted to do it for that.”

Can I please get a show of hands of people who were requesting new 98 Degrees music?

“You can’t decide to come out and release a pop record when music is in a rock phase. It won’t be as successful. You really have to wait and time it right, and everything lined up to make this the right time.”

They argued that they waited until pop music became the biggest genre to release their album… so wait – they waited until EDM was blowing up to release a pop album.

“When people asked how does it feel to be a boy band, even in 2000, we always said, “Well we’re more of a man band,” because even then we were 27, 25—we weren’t necessarily boys.”

‘Man band’?? Stop. That makes you sound even more childish than ‘boy band’.

David Guetta feat. Ne-Yo, Akon – “Play Hard”

David Guetta… I used to have so much faith in you. I’ve been trying to plan my summer festival season around seeing you and now I’ll stick to Spring Awakening and Lollapalooza. The beginning of this music video made me want to hurt someone: that whole ghetto/badass build up with all the cash and creepy looking people just to get a pair of the ugliest boots I’ve ever seen in my life made me want to puke all over my computer and then throw it across the room. Also, “Play Hard” samples (without credit might I add) Alice Deejay’s “Better Off Alone” – two important comments on this. First, is it impossible for artists to come up with their own beats these days? It’s honestly becoming pathetic. Second, THIS SONG DOES NOT SAMPLE WIZ KHALIFA’S “SAY YEAH.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There’s a special place in hell for all of the people on YouTube commenting such things as…

“This song is stolen from Wiz KhalifaWork hard play hard ad say yeah. i think david Guetta is an ashole.”

1. No, it’s not. 2. Grammar: it’s your friend. 3. It’s spelled “asshole” not “ashole,” you idiot.

“Sounds like Wiz Khalifa’s “Say Yeah”…”

OMG You’re right!!! And you know what Wiz Khalifa’s “Say Yeah” sounds like? ALICE DEEJAY.


Dance Party Friday: DJs From Mars


For the first couple months of listening to this mash-up, I could only find the version on YouTube from a Spanish YouTube channel that only referred to the artist as “Amazing” and something about “vogliamo auguravi” but my 5 years of sitting in Spanish class and only participating when I was forced to isn’t really helping me translate anything. So, today when I finally put some effort into discovering the real artist of the song, I decided it should also get some more exposure. 

Anyway, the mash-up sums up 2012 in music and it’s like… really good. It covers all the genres, it covers all the hits (good and bad). It mashes them in a way that you can’t even tell that it would ever be 26 different songs. Drink to it. Dance to it. Just listen.


0:13 Calvin Harris – Feel So Close 0:25 Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe 0:29 Zedd Ft Foxes – Clarity 0:34 Calvin Harris Ft. Neyo – Let’s Go 0:38 Flo Rida Ft Sia – Wild Ones 0:44 David Guetta Ft Sia – She Wolf 0:52 Maroon 5 Ft Wiz Kalifa – Payphone 1:02 Flo Rida – Whistle 1:11 Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl Ft. Georgi Kay – In My Mind (Axwell Remix) 1:26 Coldplay & Rihanna – Princess Of China 1:32 David Guetta & Chris Brown – I Can Only Imagine 1:37 Will I Am & Britney Spears – Scream And Shout 1:40 Skrillex – Bangarang 1:41 Martin Solveig – Night Out 1:46 No Doubt – Sittle Down 1:54 Sean Paul – She Doesn’t Mine 2:01 : The Wanted – I’m Glad You 2:04 Skrillex Ft Damian Marley – Make It Bun Dem 2:08 Madonna – Give Me All Your Lovin(Ft Mia & Nicki Minaj) 2:16 Dada Life – Feed The Dada 2:25 Psy – Gangnam Style 2:27 LMFAO – Party Rockin 2:31 Quilinez – Troll 2:34 Deadmau5 & Gerard Way – Personal Griefers 2:42 Nicky Romero – Toulouse 2:55 Alicia Keys – This Girl’s On Fire

What? Yes, I’d love the new David Guetta album!


Imagine my surprise when I open my e-mail and find that someone had sent me the new David Guetta album, Nothing But the Beat. It’s an even better moment when your sister tells you she bought it the day before. I mean, I would have bought the album eventually because you can’t skip out on David Guetta. I’d love to upload the entire album to Soundcloud and post it here for your listening pleasures, but unfortunately, I like my “job” a little too much to jeopardize it for all of you (not that I don’t love my readers).

Starting with the most obvious, “Where Them Girls At.” Yes, for those of you who apparently don’t speak English, it is “them” and not “dem” in the song title. If you haven’t heard this song, I’m not quite sure what bubble you live in because it was one of the most overplayed radio songs at the beginning of Summer 2011… later it was replaced by, what my sister recognizes at my favorite song ever (please sense my sarcasm), Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything.” Most similar to “Where Them Girls At” on Nothing But the Beat is “Turn Me On” featuring Nicki Minaj, which features that same addicting beat that no matter how much you don’t like Nicki Minaj, you have to listen to it because you can’t stop dancing. On the plus side, it also sounds nothing like Nicki Minaj; in fact, I’m still not convinced it actually is her.

Now if you’re anything like my sister’s boyfriend, you won’t like the song “Titanium” featuring Sia; however, if you’re like me (which you probably are since something we have in common brought you to my blog), you’ll love Sia’s vocals and David Guetta’s drop one minute and fifteen seconds into the song. Sia deserves a little more credit for this because her voice is actually really unique. In addition, the lyrics are simple enough to sing along.

“Little Bad Girl” featuring Taio Cruz and Ludacris is another really popular song recently. Or, maybe it’s just really popular to me because it’s already been played on my computer 36 times and I’ve only had the album since September 1st. Seriously though, it did make its way into the iTunes top 10, which really means nothing more than a lot of people actually paid for the song (I know the concept of paying for music may seem to foreign to some of you). Anyways, “Little Bad Girl” is definitely a club song because if you take out the vocals, it’s still a catchy song. Taio Cruz and Ludacris just add a new effect to Guetta’s beats with their simplistic repeating of “Go little bad girl.”

It’s hard to find one, but I am going to review a not-so-popular song from <i>Nothing But the Beat</i>: “Nothing Really Matters” featuring Will.I.Am. I’m considering this one less popular because it hasn’t made its way onto the radio yet. The title track, “Nothing Really Matters” is a little different from the rest. Eventually, it makes its way up to that dancing beat, but it starts off slower and actually has the ability to speak to its listeners. If you take the time to listen to the lyrics, “nothing really matters in the club but the beat,” you will understand what I mean.

Now, this is already the longest review I’ve written in a while, so I’m not continuing. However, I do urge you to listen to the other songs on the album including “Sweat” with Snoop Dogg, “Night of Your Life” featuring Jennifer Hudson (seriously, listen to that one), and “Crank It Up” featuring Akon (mostly the beat because Akon’s vocals suck).

Overall, I think I’ve been underestimating the true talent of David Guetta. He might actually just be one of the best mainstream producers of my time. Buy or download (I’m not enforcing legal downloads, but I should probably encourage it…) Nothing But the Beat

New Music Tuesday: 8/16/11


It almost completely passed my mind that today is Tuesday. It’s a rare occasion when I miss New Music Tuesday. Although, let me tell you that today’s new music sucks. WTF?!

1. Lil Wayne – She Will (feat. Drake)

Seriously, the bubble wrap that I’m using to pack my bedroom sounded better than this song. Bad lyrics, bad rhythm, bad background noise… just bad. I am actually genuinely concerned with the absurd amount of people that bought this today on iTunes and caused it to jump to Number 4 on iTunes Top 10. There’s really no meaning behind the lyrics, unless you enjoy hearing really vulgar words and obnoxiously repeated lines: “She won’t, but shit, uh, then again maybe she will.” Clever lyrics.
Score: WTF?! 2/5

2. Lady Antebellum – We Owned the Night

I’m not one for country music, but Lady Antebellum always manages to get me hooked. The vocals from this group are amazing and the lyrics actually have purpose (shocker, I didn’t know artists could manage to make lyrics mean anything anymore). “We Owned the Night” also features some nice guitar chords that will cause you to either relax or maybe bob your head in a few sections. Whether or not you like country music, I urge you to listen to Lady Antebellum because it’s not your typical country sounds.
Score: 4/5

3. Album: Blue October – “Any Man in America”

When I first listened to the free preview on iTunes, I was not feeling this song; however, now I realize how powerful this song is. The vocals aren’t necessarily anything unique, but they’re still great to listen to. Also, the bonus of strong and effective lyrics makes me want to listen even more, for example in the current biggest hit, “The Feel Again (Stay)”: “And while I sit in my four cornered room dividing hearts for a little girl, well I can’t be anything but who I am.” Justin Furstenfeld knows how to sing with emotion – you can actually feel the pain he’s feeling just through his voice.
Score: 3.5/5

4. David Guetta & Afrojack – Lunar

According to my sister, this is “authentic electronic music” which apparently means there can’t be any words.  The beginning is awesome; I wish I knew what kind of instruments they were impersonating because I would try to learn how to play it, but really, it’s just a computer. This song is actually one that makes me appreciate electronic music. It stays pretty calm for the first half, gradually speeding up, until the drop one minute and thirty seconds into the song. I could see me fully enjoying this in a club, but as for in my bedroom, I’m not feeling it.
Score: 2.5/5

5. Allstar Weekend – Blame it on September

I would have really enjoyed the irony of this song being released in September. Allstar Weekend is young so I can’t trash them quite yet. They’re currently on tour with Selena Gomez and doing pretty well for themselves. Their album, All the Way, releases September 27th, and this single shows that the album has potential. There’s a genuine attempt at meaningful lyrics – they’re not extremely deep, but at least they try harder than Lil Wayne – and an addicting hook (despite the fact that it rhymes and that’s a little bothersome).
Score: 3/5

New Music Tuesday 8/9/11


Last Wednesday, I did “Recent Releases,” but that was all wrong. It’s supposed to be “New Music Tuesday” and it’s my favorite unofficial holiday.

Today makes me realize how horrible music has gotten in the last few years. 

Here’s today’s releases:

1. “Headlines” – Drake

  • I don’t really expect much from Drake because his rapping isn’t really that skilled and his voice doesn’t really stand out from the rest. “Headlines” makes me want to gag though. The beat is a little too constant because it never changes throughout the song and the rhyming in every line annoys me. Also, the extremely clever chorus – repeating the words “they know” about fifteen times – is something a toddler could have written. So, really, WTF Drake?!?!
    Score: 1/5

2. “High Tide or Low Tide” – Bob Marley & The Wailers

  • Technically this song was released in 1973, but it was rereleased today to help launch the “I’m Gonna Be Your Friend” campaign to raise money for the children and families starving in Africa. Bob Marley mixed with The Wailers makes a great song, no arguments. A real acoustic guitar and some real drums mixed with soothing voices makes any listener extremely relaxed.
    Score: 4/5

3. “It Girl” – Jason Derulo

  • Immediately, my first thought about this song was how I liked the whistling accompaniment (and also how frustrated I was that I couldn’t whistle along). It may not be my favorite of Derulo’s songs and I may not like the idea of a song being written around the phrase “It Girl,” but it’s still pretty good. Derulo’s voice still manages to mesmerize me and his high notes still make me sigh. Overall, it will never be one of my Top 25 Most Played, but it will definitely get some iPod play time within the next few weeks.
    Score: 3/5

4. “Titanium” – David Guetta feat. Sia

  • David Guetta does an amazing job creating nice rhythms and beats for the background music for this song. Unfortunately, it’s Sia’s voice that makes this song not work. It sounds like a bad auto-tune version of Justin Bieber. I will admit she sounds better on the verses, but when I hear her sing on the chorus, I cringe a little. However, I think I can deal with the vocals and eventually they will grow on me because Guetta did a great job creating a nice dance track.
    Score: 3/5

5. “What You Want” – Evanescence 

  • I usually rely on YouTube to let me listen to a song before I decide whether or not to waste $1.29 on it, but apparently Evanescence did a good job making sure this song didn’t leak before the release date. Evanescence, to me, has one of those addicting voices that you can’t stop listening to. She has a lot of power in her voice and you can hear her confidence shine through. In addition, the background music is strong and the intertwining of the piano adds a realistic and unique touch.
    Score: 5/5

6. Fool Like Me – Cobra Starship feat. Plastiscines

  • Cobra Starship is one of those bands that is allowed to have silly lyrics because that’s what we expect from them. This song is no different: “I never meant to drive your car into that tree, I’m still real sorry about that.” The Plastiscines also do a nice job acting as the friends throughout the song. In addition, Cobra Starship did a nice job staying within their genre of music while still adding a new spin to their track. Keep your eye out for their new album dropping August 30th and my review of it coming next week!
    Score: 4/5

7. Bananaz – Ray J feat. Rick Ross

  • My first complaint with this song is why did Ray J feel it was necessary to spell what should be bananas with a z? Is that considered cool or something because to me it just looks completely idiotic and stupid. Second complaint: the chorus (again the really clever repetition of “The sex is bananaZ”) sounds like it’s being sung by a forty-year-old midget with a speech impediment. Third complaint: the beat was only exhilarating for the first twenty seconds. I didn’t think it was actually possible to give a song 0 out of 5 stars, but their inability to spell bananas knocked it down an extra point. WTF Ray J?!?!
    Score: 0/5

8. We Don’t Get Down Like Y’all – T.I.

  • T.I. sounds exactly like he did on all of his other songs and the beat sounds exactly like a typical T.I. song so I guess if you liked his old stuff, you’ll like the new song. I’ll admit that when the chorus goes and they sing “We don’t get down like y’all,” it sounds cool, but other than that there’s nothing spectacular or surprising about this song.
    Score: 2/5

9. “Glee the 3D Motion Picture Soundtrack” – Glee Cast

  • Only comment: please don’t get me started on Glee. I stopped watching it when they redid Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Oh wait, that was the first episode? Exactly.
    Score: WTF?!?!

10. Invisible – Skylar Grey

  • Saved the best, in my opinion, for last. This song is what I like about music. It’s not completely auto-tuned or made with computers. It has some concepts of real music and Skylar Grey is actually singing. In addition, this song actually offers up lyrics that have real meaning. Take a look at every other song from this week and maybe one other has meaningful lyrics. It’s not often that we get a song that means something. It’s not often that songs with real singing get noticed.
    Score: 5/5