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Music is an art unlike any other. It’s not like painting a picture where an artist has to stay in the lines. It’s not like drawing a portrait where each segment aligns according to a geometric arrangement. Perhaps I’m wrong and I mean no disrespect to artists of any sort. I just believe music is something you connect with rather than learn how to perfect. Each person has their own connection with music, too. For me, I learned the beauty of music in 2007 when I turned on FUSE and saw Paramore’s video of “Pressure” playing. Something about the band’s enthusiasm, the way the lyrics and visuals fit so well together, the message the song portrayed, the sound of the drums and guitar without the words, and of course, Hayley William’s red hair made me fall in love. It wasn’t just an obsession with Paramore that started that day (and trust me, an obsession has started), but also an obsession with music of all kinds. It wasn’t just watching this one video that made me feel an appreciation for music, though. It was a combination of seeing that video and hearing that song along with the thousands of songs I’ve heard and discovered for myself since then.

I think somewhere along the line we’ve lost our appreciation and the wonder that music used to bring to our ears. Again, I’m open to being wrong on this matter. I just think that something is causing music to be underestimated. Whereas photographs and portraits and sculptures has the visual message needed to stir a feeling, music has the words. So, let’s bring it back.

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  1. Just found your website like two seconds ago… but I’m like blown away by how amazing it is. There really needs to be more websites like yours, Megan! Now I need to go stalk all the older posts :]

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