No Doubt’s back with new album, ‘Push and Shove’


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After 11 years away, No Doubt will release a new album on Tuesday, September 25, 2012. Now, when I heard that the band would be getting back together to release a new album, Push and Shove, my emotions were a little confused. I couldn’t decide if I was overjoyed at the idea of one of my favorite old-time bands releasing new music or scared at the idea that it would not live up to my standards. When the first single, “Settle Down,” made its way to the music scene, I was pleasantly surprised, but ultimately started telling myself that I needed to expect a different sound for the full album.

Before we start this review, you should know that I love the album, but I feel like “Settle Down” led me astray as to what the album would actually sound like. I was expecting a little more circa-1995, but instead the album gives us a No Doubt that’s trying to hold onto its unique sound while still adapt to today’s Top 40 sound. However, there are still some amazing songs on this album that make you so glad No Doubt got back together.

The second song on the album, “Looking Hot,” will definitely appeal to the Top 40 radio listeners of today with its dance/pop feel. “Looking Hot” also captures the classic No Doubt genre of ska and reggae. It’s definitely worth a listen from past, present, and future No Doubt fans.

“Sparkle” is the true heard of No Doubt and this song will appeal most to the real, diehard No Doubt fans. The first ten seconds of the song alone made my ears perk up with excitement because it sounded so familiar. I could immediately just picture the band performing and Gwen Stefani doing her strut across the stage. “Sparkle” is completed with the outbreak of a brass sound.

Another very classic No Doubt sound comes from “Undercover.” This song is the perfect combination of percussion and vocal, topped off with a very necessary and amazing guitar break. However, that familiar No Doubt sound only becomes apparent in the chorus. The song separate from the chorus is, of course, still quite great.

Push and Shove also contains several slower ballads that do a great job of capturing the power of Gwen Stefani’s vocals, such as “Undone” and “Easy.” My personal favorite song on the album is by far, “Push and Shove,” the title-song. It’s a mixture of numerous genres of music including EDM, reggae, and ska. With the help of Major Lazer and Busy Signal, No Doubt almost creates a completely new sound. In addition, the chorus is just simply amazing. If there was one song you chose to listen to from Push and Shove, this should be that song.

Overall, No Doubt should have no problem bouncing back into the music scene with Push and Shove. The album has the power to both disappoint dedicated fans and attract new listeners, but if you go into with an open and excited mind like I did, you’ll fall equally in love.


From Total Assault:

“The E! Network will be airing an hour long feature next Monday about the band and their history. No Doubt members will be rolling out exclusive archival content on their Facebook page throughout the next few days in anticipation of the show, which airs September 24th at 9 pm ET/PT. Also happening next week: Fuse TV is hosting a 24 hour network takeover next Tuesday in honor of the release, and No Doubt is scheduled to perform twice on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, on both Tuesday, September 25th and Wednesday, September 26th – check local listings for times.”

The album is now available for purchase/download on iTunes:


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