Mumford & Sons new single: “I Will Wait”


The first time I ever heard Mumford & Sons was during my senior year first semester lunch period; I was sitting in a Creative Writing class taught by Mrs. Cicero. Yes, I realize I said that I was sitting in an English class during my lunch – I REALLY wanted to take this class, but didn’t have room for it in my schedule so I snuck in most days during my lunch to pretend. Now away from the fact that I am a complete nerd… Mrs. Cicero played music everyday during class, but Mumford & Sons was what I would always hope played. I fell in love with the hits like “Little Lion Man” and “The Cave” just like everyone else, but I also became obsessed with “Awake My Soul” and personal favorite, “Timshel.”

Now, almost three years later, myself, along with the other Mumford & Sons’ fans, have a new album, Babel, to look forward to on September 24th. Just yesterday, or today if like myself you have yet to go to bed, the band released its first single from Babel, “I Will Wait.” This single is just perfect enough to tease listeners while they wait for the release of the entire album, which almost half of has actually been performed by the band live – if you have been lucky enough to see them. “I Will Wait” carries that same addicting Mumford & Sons sound with its shouting chorus, mesmerizing percussion, and unique banjo. Some listeners might actually recognize this song as “Untitled” from The Cave B-Side. Personally, I enjoy the official version a little more, but you can take your pick.


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