New Album: Passion Pit, Gossamer (2012)


Passion Pit released their second album, Gossamer, this past week on July 23, 2012. Overall, it sounds very different from the Passion Pit of 2010 on their album, Manners. Contrary to the 575 iTunes listeners who gave the album an average of 4.5 stars, I believe this album lacks the necessary diversity of lyrics, rhythms, and overall sounds. In Manners, there was a balance between the sounds of the music and the vocals, sometimes with the tunes actually overcoming the vocals. However, I sense more power in the vocals in Gossamer, and unfortunately, I just don’t think it works. One of the most popular songs from the album, according to iTunes, would be “Carried Away;” however, I think this song belongs on the next Kidz Bop album because the chorus sounds exactly like eight pre-teens trying to sing.

Don’t get me wrong though. If you listen to the whole album, there are some great songs that remind me of Manners. For instance, “Hideaway” has that familiar alternative sound and electronic vibes. In addition, “Two Veils to Hide My Face” definitely stands out from the rest of the album – it has a completely different sound than any other song, similar to an Imogen Heap/acoustic sound. Finally, “I’ll Be Alright” takes a new twist separate from some of the songs on Gossamer as it branches away from the alternative sound and a little closer to the electronic movement.

Overall, Gossamer is not a letdown. Every song on the album is enjoyable and worth a listen. Passion Pit just missed their mark to mature as a music group with the release of Gossamer.


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