Calvin Harris remixes Florence + the Machine’s “Spectrum”


This song almost makes me forgive Calvin Harris for his previous announcement that he will no longer be singing on his tracks. However, this song also illustrates his talent and makes me wish he was singing. The reason I enjoy Calvin Harris’s remix of Flo’s “Spectrum” is that he does not go to great efforts to change the song, which to be honest, was perfect even before Calvin Harris put his touch on it. Anyway, instead what he does to the song is he empowers and intensifies the original background music from Flo’s version of “Spectrum.” If you listen to Flo’s version, you’ll hear the extremely similar rhythm that Calvin Harris uses. The difference is subtle: Flo’s vocals overpower the music, whereas Calvin Harris’s beats compliment the vocals. Neither is better, just different; in this difference, two different outcomes occur.

So, naturally the UK got to hear this song first (starting to think I should move to the UK for the sake of music), and instead of changing my address, I patiently waited for it to be posted on YouTube… and it was worth the wait.


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