Polaris at Noon released a new EP in March, and you should be listening.


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Good news! It’s only been one month since I last posted on my website – really recent, right?

So, I will admit that I am a little late on posting about this next sound: Polaris at Noon. By a “little late,” I mean that when Secret Service PR first introduced Polaris at Noon to me, it was still freezing outside in Wisconsin. However, I can tell you that I have been listening to the EP since it was sent to me back in March… and it’s good. Obviously, we’ve all seen the Internet Explorer commercial and wondered, “Oh my god! What is this catchy electronic dance song that doesn’t fit with this commercial at all because it’s about a man who fell out of love with a girl but is struggling to get out of the relationship while this commercial is trying to sell the web browser that no one uses anymore???” Anyway, that song is called “Too Close” by Alex Clare and it is also very good. I bring this song up because it’s exactly what I would compare to Polaris at Noon. Why, you ask? The songs always have  that underlying, intensifying beat throughout each verse that turns into a full-on electronic dance drop at each chorus. The vocals of Polaris at Noon are also very catchy and fit the beats perfectly. And since Calvin Harris will no longer be singing vocals on his track, you all need to find a replacement, and my suggestion is Polaris at Noon.

Below is the press release for Polaris at Noon’s most recent EP… released on March 27… and sent to me on March 21… Still worth a read and DEFINITELY worth a listen:

March 21, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Southern California based electronic dance-pop outfit Polaris At Noon has announced plans to release a new EP entitled Prey & Predator on March 27.  The EP will be available on iTunes.com and all DSP’s.  Listen to the first new track “Pleasure & Pain” here: http://soundcloud.com/polarisatnoon/looking/s-r8Enx.
Under the moniker Polaris At Noon, producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist phenom Jason Suwito has become a musical tour-de-force over the past year.  In April 2011, Suwito released his EP, En Pointe, which features the tracks “Red,” “MIA Satellite,” “Rain,” “Far Away” and “On,” introducing EDM and pop fans to his signature style of hook laden pop-infused electronic music.
Polaris At Noon continued to produce and release music throughout the year with remixes of tracks by bands like Young The GiantAdele,Foster The PeopleSwedish House Mafia andMSTRKRFT.  He also assembled a tight knit crew of musicians to back him for shows with Foster the People, Ladytron, The Boxer Rebellion, Dirty Vegas, DATAROCK and The Temper Trap among others, building a rabid fan-base along the way.
Polaris At Noon returns this month with Prey & Predator, a three song EP that picks up where En Pointe‘s party left off.  Featuring electronic dance anthems “Pleasure & Pain,” “Never Enough,” and “Disconnect,” Prey & Predator is a taste of what’s to come from Suwito this year.
Catch Polaris At Noon perform live in April with Sam Sparro!”

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