From Press Release:
“April 25, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Hailing from a futuristic time in a galaxy not so far away, physicist Dr. Hot and his friend D.J. Problems have traveled back in time to form the PartyFunDance pop groupHot Problems. Today, they kick off an intergalactic celebration with a little help from some “Force” wielding buddies in their new video for “Party with My Friends.”

The lip-reading video is the mind-bogglingly unforeseeable follow-up to the duo’s mid-February YouTube offering, “People Say I’m the Man”: a rousing manthem, presented in a juggernaut video compilation of fails, wins, and alpha-masculinity.
Unbelievably, Hot Problems has even bigger plans for us. Using D.J. Problems’ futuristic beats and Dr. Hot’s previously unknown ability to spit rhymes and sing anthemic melodies, they have embarked on a journey to make a pop album–one that will get the parties started, the clubs bumping, and the peoples dancing.
“I’m excited about the album,” says Andrew Volpe, Dr. Hot’s grandfather and frontman for the rock band Ludo. “It’s truly going to be a collection of ten to twelve songs.”
In their noble quest to bring PartyFunDance from the future and to the masses around the world, Hot Problems has set up a Pledge Music campaign (, where fans of partying and super awesomeness can help fund one of the greatest albums from a time-traveling tandem in recent memory.  The duo is currently offering special packages for pledgers, from private performances to trips to Six Flags with Dr. Hot.  Pledge now and receive a free download of 2012’s only 2060s anthem, “Party With My Friends.”
And so unto our time have they come: a pair of unlikely heroes from the future, fighting to keep the party going and the music bumping. A particle physicist who won’t back down. A club D.J. who just can’t seem to walk away. Two men on a mission: Dr. Hot and D.J. Problems. Welcome to PartyFunDance–just try not to spill your drink.”

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