Recent “Hits” … so ‘Call Me, Maybe’ ‘Some Nights’ because I’m ‘Happy To You.’


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I really wanted to come back from the dead and write a new blog post, but I have a midterm Thursday that I really need to study for. So, I told myself I would write a new post when I finished going through all the terms that started with “F” (keep in mind, at the time I was rigorously going through the “E” terms). Luckily, there were no terms that started with “F” so it didn’t take long.

For this post, I have to give all thanks to Spotify because some of these songs are so heinously terrible that I couldn’t bring myself to purchase them on iTunes, thus I resorted to Spotify to let me listen for free. See, I found a use for their service other than informing all of my Facebook “friends” what song I’m listening to every moment of the day. On that note, however, Spotify, is it really necessary for you to play two ads after each song I listen to? No, I will NOT subscribe to your service.

1) Carly Rae Jepsen – “Call Me Maybe”

I have to start with this song… not because it deserves some amazing review, but because it’s the only song I have heard played this much since Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” And that’s the exact song I’m going to compare it to, as well. I’m SO confused as to how everyone loves this song, but hated Rebecca Black. NEWS FLASH: They’re basically the exact same song.

Let’s discuss some things wrong with this song and, in general, Carly Rae Jepsen.

I. She signed with JUSTIN BIEBER’s record label. Who in their right mind gave that kid a right to produce records? He lost all sense of talent when we hit puberty. The only reason he even started a record label is because the only music he could produce of his own was a Christmas album that essentially ruined all Christmas music for me.

II. How can you love Carly, but hate Rebecca? We all criticized Rebecca Black’s lyrics, “It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday” and “Which seat should I take?” Listen to Carly Rae Jepsen!! My god, “Ripped jeans, skin was showing” and “Here’s my number so call me maybe.” First of all, who wears ripped jeans that you thought it would be an appropriate fashion trend to make reference to? Second, her lyrics are no more intellectual than Rebecca Black’s.

On that note, shockingly, I don’t think it’s a bad song. I jumped on the Rebecca Black bandwagon and I will jump on the Carly Rae Jepsen bandwagon as well. I will memorize the entire song, laugh at its simplicity, obnoxiously dance to it every single time it comes on, and sing at the top of my lungs. However, I will never accept it as a nominated, award-winning “song.”

2) Fun. – “Some Nights”

I love fun. – both in the Webster dictionary definition sense and in the musical, amazingly-talented band sense. It’s nice to finally see them get some recognition because, realistically, how many of you knew who they were before their 2009 album, Aim and Ignite? The one thing is actually the entire song as a whole. Interesting fact about “Some Nights,” as well as the entire album, is that it features almost no live drums; instead, the rhythm and sounds are produced by synthetic drums. It works… beautifully. The combination of these synthetic drums and echoed vocals makes this song enchanting and addictive.

Although some critics argue that the song is “too auto-tuned” and “a rip-off” of other bands’ as well as fun.’s own sound, it really is unique. First, it’s not “too auto-tuned.” This is fun.’s sound. It’s unique, it’s alternative, and it’s what they want it to sound like. The entire intention was to have synthetic drums, so I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that the vocals were intended too. Second, the argument that it’s a rip off of their own sound just doesn’t even deserve a rebuttal. I mean, really, how ridiculous that a band would try to sound like themselves? WTF?!

The song debuted at No. 62 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and the album, Some Nights, is currently sitting at No. 3. In addition, fun. was just featured on Billboard’s cover for the March 10, 2012 issue (although, if, like me, you get the Billboard subscription, the cover is actually wasted on an Enrique Iglesias advertisement because that makes complete sense…).

3) Miike Snow – Happy To You

Miike Snow is literally my weakness. Their new album, Happy To You, dropped today and I’m in awe. Their sound is just something that I could never grow tired of. Even walking to class today, I wanted more “spring-time” music (yes, I think such a thing exists) so I played Miike Snow’s last album, Miike Snow. Currently, I’m wondering how I ever thought it would be more spring-time, but in that moment, it seemed perfect.

Perhaps the most recognizable, “Devil’s Work,” features a beautiful piano arrangement mixed with synthesized beats and the deep, mesmerizing vocals. The most popular, according to the ever-reliable iTunes, “The Wave,” has the same general sound as “Devil’s Work” with more addicting vocals and a repeating “ooh” sound that soothes the ears. Their recent single off the album, “Paddling Out,” sounds a little more electronic than the majority of the album, which is probably why the deluxe edition of Happy To You features a remix by Wolfgang Gartner. In addition, the single is iTunes’s Free Single of the Week so if you really don’t believe me that it’s an album worth purchasing, you can try it out for yourself free of charge (not that you couldn’t just download it on Google, but beware because SOPA would NOT approve).


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