So did anyone catch Timeflies at the KK in Madison?


I do have some pretty nice close up videos of Cal’s face, but unfortunately I have to keep those to myself because embarrassingly enough, my phone takes better quality videos and better quality sound recordings than my camera. (Therefore, I am officially NOT giving my personal recommendation for the Canon Powershot.)

Timeflies came to Madison tonight (and yes, I made it). Madison knew how to successfully party and Cal knew exactly where to tell us to go after the show (shout out to the KK and shout out to me going to bed instead). Apparently Madison wasn’t exactly worthy of Cal and Rez’s time because we only got about an hour of it, at the most. I’m almost positive the opening act, Charlie Kim, played longer. In a way, that was alright with me because Cal looked perfectly beautiful so the eye candy made up for it.

I love when you see someone live and they actually sound good (foreign concept, right?) Well that’s exactly what Timeflies was last night: equally, if not better than, as wonderful as their Timeflies Tuesday YouTube videos. We heard the best of the best including songs off their album, The Scotch Tape, including “Detonate,” “Turn It Up,” “Stunner,” and their encore song (at approximately 10:30pm…) “Until the Sunrise.” We were also lucky enough to hear what is obviously my favorite Timeflies Tuesday video, “Under the Sea,” which sounded exceptionally perfect.

What can’t be left out of this review is the Wisconsin freestyle rap in which, to the beat of Diddy’s “Coming Home,” included shout-outs to Montee Ball, cheese curds, Spotted Cow, Jump Around, Sconnies, Mifflin, State Street, Bascom Hill (not that I wanted to be reminded of that one), beating “the shit out of” Michigan State, the infamous ESFU chant, athletes on mopeds, Pop’s, Ron Dayne, and a bunch of screaming audience members.

Overall, the show was great and illustrated that Cal and Rez are much more than the two famous YouTube guys that release a new video every Tuesday. However, I think Madison deserves another show with a little more time allotted to us.


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