Avicii came to Madison?


So, last night, Avicii came to party with the Badgers in Madison. Naturally, three hours before the show, I decided to purchase my wonderful $61.67 ticket (thank you online fees). Then, it was the awesome moment where the clock strikes and you’re anticipating Avicii, and he walks on stage…… except I was not there. Lame, right? I bought a ticket and never actually made it to the show. It’s actually completely fine though because in my head, I convinced myself that it’s now compensation for not paying to see him the first time (thank you Ali). I am still considering going to pick up my ticket at Will Call…

However, my sister was kind enough to provide me with some Avicii entertainment so I figured I would share it with all of you [oh, and the betch got to meet Avicii – so, I don’t even get the concert and she gets to party with him afterwards?]

I do suggest you ignore her little shout-out to me, though in this one:

Of course, Jump Around for the Badgers:

And, we cannot forget… Levels:


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