AVICII blew my mind and my eardrums.


The other night (January 7, 2012), Avicii came to The Rave in Milwaukee, WI. I genuinely planned my entire visit to Wisconsin around this show. As always, my Rave experience was wonderful; it really is a spectacularly run establishment. In addition, Avicii himself was absolutely amazing; this show only made me so much more excited to see him later this month in Madison.

(If you know what song this is, let me know.]

However, we need to quickly address the audience that night. The number of “oh my god, I’m going to pretend I’m so drunk and fall over” preteens in that crowd was even too much for me. When I can, with great ease, walk from the back row to the second row of a concert two minutes before the performer goes on stage, it really says a lot about the type of person attending. There was a significant amount of people thoroughly enjoying the music (you know, the reason you go to a concert in the first place…?), but come on Milwaukee, pull yourselves together – and yes, I’m talking to the girl who crawled through the crowd on her hands and knees and the guy who  needed to be held up by his shirtless and overly sweaty friend.

Now that I’ve ranted about my surrounding peers from last night, let’s actually discuss Avicii’s performance. Phenomenal. Crazy. Superb. I have now seen Girltalk, Tiesto (twice), Pauly D, and Pretty Lights, and I can easily say that Avicii is the best DJ performance that I have seen so far. In fact, after seeing Avicii, I think I definitely overrated a few of those previous performers. He never stopped playing, he never stopped singing along, and he never stopped smiling. The sounds were great, the bass was powerful, and my ears are still ringing. He played every popular song he has as well as managed to throw in new mixes and new sounds. When “Seek Bromance” came on, the crowd went wild and Avicii’s smile grew ten sizes larger. He intertwined “Levels” into four different mixes, teasing the crowd, but when it came time to lay down the whole track, he knew just how to deliver it in a way that pretty much said, “Yeah, I’m good at this.” Then, with every DJ performance, I zoned out from the music just long enough to have my own private light show, taking in all the mesmerizing collections of colors as they popped at me, one by one.

So, aside from the obnoxious preteens parading around (I’m sorry, do curfews not exist for them anymore?) and the sixteen bruises I woke up with this morning, it was the best electronic show I’ve seen yet. And, of course, I’ll be back later this month to boast about his performance yet again.


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