I now pronounce me… and Timeflies.


In the past few years, we have seen a lot of artists emerge from YouTube channels. The innovations of technology have allowed for a new form of “user-generated content” which makes it easier for anyone to reach a mass audience without approval. However, I think that definition is a little too vague (no offense to my professor’s scholarly articles) because there is a huge sense of approval – whether or not an audience large enough to have an impact approves the user-generated content determines its success. Justin Bieber? Probably should have gotten about 90 percent less approval. Now we have Timeflies, an electronic/hip-hop duo. Already been claimed as husband by myself and three other friends, Cal is the voice of Timeflies. And I promise it’s not just because Cal gave a shout-out to UW-Madison in one of their Tuesday videos.

Timeflies is white-boy rapping at its best. Take a listen to the album, available on their website, The Scotch Tape. I have about eleven personal favorites, but I’ll just touch on a few. “Until the Sunrise” stands out from the rest because it’s a little less hip-hop and more electronic mixed with mesmerizing vocals from Cal. This song illustrates the true momentum of his voice from every angle. In addition, the rhythm and beat are calm and exciting at the same time: equally balanced.  It also includes possibly my favorite lyrics from the entire album: “Let’s stay up until the sunrise. We can dance the night away. It could be like this forever, until tomorrow is today.” Then there’s the song that played during the Badger game, which led to our later shout-out, “Switchblade.” This song focuses more on the deep and synthesized beats, as it builds up during each chorus and spotlights for almost have a minute afterward. As for vocals, it’s a mixture of his rapping and actual singing abilities. Perhaps more recognizable, “Detonate,” is the first song on the album. It starts off immediately with fast-spit lyrics from Cal, which I am proud to say that, after listening to the song approximately sixty-four times, I now know all the lyrics. Every song on the album is worth listening to, though.

The best part about Timeflies? There’s a new song and video every Tuesday on YouTube. There’s practically an endless supply of TImeflies (and visuals of Cal’s face). In every video, there are new beats, new vocals, and a new can of beer.  In addition, each song is more impressive. I suggest listening to “Under the Sea” because it’s the song that first attracted me to Cal, thus forcing me to fall in love. Also, “Say Ah” … if you’re looking for captivating vocals. Then, obviously “Teenage Dream” because anything and everything involving Katy Perry is worth listening to.


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