AFSHeeN releases new song from Nightmares in Paradise EP … and a remix of (typical) Katy Perry.


Who doesn’t love a little Katy Perry? That’s a joke. Of course everyone does. This took a little getting used to for me; at first, I couldn’t quite make the dubstep sounds and Katy Perry’s voice fit together. Now, I recognize how truly phenomenal this remix is. The original song, “E.T.,” is futuristic – it has more electronic tones, deeper bass drops, and synthesized beats. Keep that in mind when you listen to AFSHeeN’s remix. It capitalizes on all these futuristic-intended sounds to create a fast-paced, bright dubstep that complements Katy Perry’s voice. There have been some seriously failed remixes of “E.T.” My personal favorite fail is the officially released remix featuring Kanye West. I’ll never understand what about cutting out Katy Perry’s introduction and adding two randomly placed 20-second rap verses from Kanye West makes the song a remix. However, AFSHeeN completely trashes Kanye West’s remix and proves it is possible to successfully remix a song. Shocker! If dubstep is your thing, you’ll enjoy this. If not, stick to the “E.T.” version on Teenage Dream.

If you like this remix, keep reading because there’s more AFSHeeN where that came from. We still need to discuss AFSHeeN’s new song from the Nightmares in Paradise EP, “Paradise.”


“Los Angeles based DJ/Producer AFSHeeN has a style all his own, melding a variety of electronic genres and pop music influences, his debut EP Nightmares in Paradise can find a place in any EDM fans music library. His song “Paradise” featuring singer/songwriter Sam Behymer is available on Youtube now.

This eclectic new EP comes after AFSHeeN released many popular remixes including songs from Black Eyed Peas, Adele, Benny Benassi, deadmau5, and Katy Perry. Check out his dubstep remix of Katy Perry’s E.T. on his SoundCloud.

For more information on AFSHeeN check him out on Facebook, and be sure to pick up your copy of Nightmares in Paradise on iTunes now!”


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