I’m on a YACHT.


Short post today. Bringing back Dance Party Friday this week too!

This was introduced to me over one month ago by someone who apparently has excellent music taste, but is too cool for a shout-out so we shall just refer to her as “The Betch.” Moral of that sentence: this post is a little overdue.

YACHT is the exact sound I prefer to listen to… outside of Katy Perry (no post would be complete without a reference to her). They are the perfect combination of electronic and indie that is music to my ears. In particular, my official favorite song, “Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire)” could be played on repeat for hours straight and I would never get tired of it. I know that’s true because it’s played seven times already today and I haven’t grown annoyed.

In this song, the vocals of the two members of YACHT, Jona Bechtolt and Claire E. Evans, create harmonies so mesmerizing that it’s almost seemingly impossible and unbelievable. Even the first nine seconds of the song, when there’s no instruments and it’s just the two voices, it sounds perfect. Then, when the tenth second hits and the synthesized beats start dropping, the song becomes a dance anthem that you can feel completely free moving to.

The lyrics are something new, too. How often do you get to hear a song about the apocalyptic implosion of the earth? It’s impressive when a group can make the lyrics “The earth is on fire! We don’t have no daughter, let the motherfucker burn” sound fun and inviting to listen to.

Don’t stop at this song though. YACHT has so much more to offer especially with the release of their second official (and fifth overall) album, Shangri-La, this past July. The second album is a much different sound than the first album, See Mystery Lights, but both are definitely worth checking out!


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