Jack’s Mannequin’s new album makes me want to do dirty things to Andrew McMahon (sorry parents…)


This article currently pending publication on Blogcritics.org – don’t tell them I posted it already though because according to the rules, I’m supposed to wait (but who needs rules?).

With the release of their new album, People and Things, Jack’s Mannequin does not let down their fans. To no one’s disappointment, the sound of People and Things does not differ much from the band’s first two albums. In fact, this album actually seems to tie together the first two album to produce something better than expected.

In the first single from the album, “My Racing Thoughts,” the combination of a piano, drum set, and guitar give this song an excellent alternative sound. In addition, Andrew McMahon’s brilliant lyrics will have you singing along in seconds: “I think I’m running low on inspiration, she’s running long on borrowed time.” This song set the stage for this album and it certainly did not stray listeners.

Other songs on the album offer the same sense of awe. Similar to “My Racing Thoughts,” the second song on the album, “Release Me,” lends fantastic guitar rhythms while “Television” slows things down a bit and offers steady drum beats and piano chords, and longer vocal notes. A few songs including “Amy, I” and “Hey, Hey, Hey (We’re All Gonna Die)” provide the album a more pop yet still alternative sound that will soon become some of the best sing-along songs for fans.

The two songs “Restless Dream” and “Casting Away” are both led by sweet piano tunes and an acoustic sound to provide a fulfilling ending to the album.

Overall, the album offers a variety of sounds with the same feel as the first two albums released by the band, but with more power than any fan could have imagined.


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