I was ready for #UNBROKEN because I saw it retweeted 7,890,939,291 times.


Article first published as Music Review: Demi Lovato – Unbroken on Blogcritics.

I have seen #UNBROKEN on my Twitter Feed for the past few weeks, and I expect to see #UNBROKEN tweeted and retweeted at least one million more times within the next twenty-four hours. You know what’s truly exceptional about this album? As of one hour ago, it was Number 8 on iTunes Top 10 Album list – and it hadn’t even been released. That’s the true dedication of Demi Lovato fans (now referred to as “Lovatics”).

Featuring Timbaland, Dev, Jason Derulo, and more, this album is sure to please fans. Although, I must admit that it’s not the first four songs on the album which include these artists that makes the album so addicting; instead, it’s the remaining ten songs that feature the beautiful vocals of Lovato alone. After the fantastic release of “Skyscraper,” Unbroken is sure to, in a sense, shock fans because it offers varied sounds. “Unbroken” and “Hold Up” are a must listen because the two are more upbeat, offering listeners catchy lyrics to sing along with and a faster rhythm to dance along with. In the song, “My Love is Like a Star,” listeners hear a more mature sound out of Loavto, as if she were well into her twenties, rather than just an eighteen year old girl (not that I’m dissing eighteen year old girls… since I am one). Most similar to “Skyscraper” is “For the Love of a Daughter,” a wonderful ballad with a beautiful and poignant meaning and absolutely exceptional vocals.

Still, nothing compares to “Skyscraper.” This song just shows Lovato’s true power and emotion – something I think is lacking a little from the rest of the album. Don’t get me wrong, the album lived up to its advertisement and glory, but it just did not live up to “Skyscraper.” That is not necessarily something Lovato should be ashamed of because “Skyscraper” just had that big of an impact on listeners that it’s not meant to be overcome.

Overall, Unbroken proves that Lovato’s spirit and talent were not broken during her recent upset. She’s back and ready to prove her skill. I urge you to pick up a copy of Unbroken if you fell in love with Lovato when she first appeared and sang on Camp Rock in 2008 (not to forget As the Bell Rings or Barney & Friends, however).


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