Album Review: Allstar Weekend’s All the Way


Article first published as Album Review: Allstar Weekend’s All The Way on Blogcritics.

Currently on tour with Selena Gomez, Allstar Weekend seems to be making a name for themselves. Their new album, All the Way, shows a returning group with a new sound, one that has yet to disappoint fans.

Their most recent single from the album, “Blame it on September,” features great guitar chords and heart-warming vocals. It helps that the song is about something anyone can relate to: a summer romance coming to its end. An acoustic song, “Teenage Hearts” shows that no matter how old someone is, they can experience love. On a completely different note, the band’s song “Sorry Dot Dot Dot” offers an edgier beat, deeper lyrics, and stuttered vocals. The title song “All the Way,” really sparks my attention. Something about this song is especially catchy as it works its way up to a perfectly-rehearsed alternative song.

Allstar Weekend is young, but definitely shows potential. All artists improve as they grow older and gain more experience, but not all reach their full potential. However, I think Allstar Weekend is working their way up to a very mature sound, sure to grab more fans on their way up.

All the Way, released on September 27, 2011, is guaranteed to impress fans and even bring more listeners in because each song has its own addicting feature, no two sounding the same.

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