Jessie & The Toy Boys free Remixes


So, I guess missing the past few Dance Party Friday installments grants this post. Jessie and the Toy Boys strike again with ten new remixes of their hit song “Push It.” It actually amazes me how different these artists make one song sound. Each remix offers a completely new sound: Richard Vission focuses more on the heavy beats whereas Skeet Skeet remixes more of the vocals. Marty Party speeds up the entire song while Dr. Rosen Rosen almost completely transforms the song into a new mix. It’s nice to see so many DJs recognizing Jessie and the Toy Boys; as long as popular DJs keep remixing the songs and the group keeps touring, the name “Jessie and the Toy Boys” will be spread across the world soon enough. Best part: you can download the songs for free below!

From Total Assault:

Are Jessie and The Toy Boys real life ninjas? Jessie checks in while getting her make-up done backstage at the Philly show on the Femme Fatale tour and shares her ninja adventures as well as her pre-show ritual.

For creative fans out there, Jessie is teaming up with Karmaloop and Talenthouse to have fans design a new logo for her ‘fannequins.’ The winning design will have their logo featured on Jessie and The Toy Boys promo materials, merchandise, and album artwork, plus $500!

Stream or download (free!) the latest remixes of Jessie and The Toy Boys’ single “Push It” below from the likes of DJ Skeet Skeet, Dig It, Kevin Graves, and others!


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