Dance Party Friday Round 4


Swedish House Mafia. “Save the World (Tonight).” Released: May 13, 2011

What I’ve come to realize after searching for this song on YouTube is that there is about fifty different versions of this song – that’s not something I’m too fond of. None of them are even the version that’s featured on iTunes so I’m actually really confused. Illegal download much?

Many reasons why I like this song:

1. John Martin’s vocals: This song features the vocals of John Martin, lead singer of Miike Snow. Martin, from a UK group, has a lovely voice. It’s soothing and addicting. His voice fits perfectly with the beat of the song because it’s not too dark or too soft.

2. It has lyrics: Unlike every other house music song, “Save the World” has lyrics and not just random screams or one-word lines. This song has multiple verses and a repeating chorus. Whenever you hear Martin belt out the line “Who’s gonna save the world tonight,” you can’t stop yourself from getting goosebumps.

3. It has a great rhythm: The beat in this song is not choppy or scary like any other house song I’ve heard. There is no unexpected heavy drop, but instead, every drop is anticipated and worked up to. Also different than many other house songs, “Save the World” includes a lot of piano sections. It’s definitely still a club hit, but it also manages to be a song that you can listen to on your iPod without feeling the need to be on drugs or out of control.

In conclusion, I’m actually confused how this is considered house music, but apparently it is, and I like it.


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