New Music Tuesday: 8/16/11


It almost completely passed my mind that today is Tuesday. It’s a rare occasion when I miss New Music Tuesday. Although, let me tell you that today’s new music sucks. WTF?!

1. Lil Wayne – She Will (feat. Drake)

Seriously, the bubble wrap that I’m using to pack my bedroom sounded better than this song. Bad lyrics, bad rhythm, bad background noise… just bad. I am actually genuinely concerned with the absurd amount of people that bought this today on iTunes and caused it to jump to Number 4 on iTunes Top 10. There’s really no meaning behind the lyrics, unless you enjoy hearing really vulgar words and obnoxiously repeated lines: “She won’t, but shit, uh, then again maybe she will.” Clever lyrics.
Score: WTF?! 2/5

2. Lady Antebellum – We Owned the Night

I’m not one for country music, but Lady Antebellum always manages to get me hooked. The vocals from this group are amazing and the lyrics actually have purpose (shocker, I didn’t know artists could manage to make lyrics mean anything anymore). “We Owned the Night” also features some nice guitar chords that will cause you to either relax or maybe bob your head in a few sections. Whether or not you like country music, I urge you to listen to Lady Antebellum because it’s not your typical country sounds.
Score: 4/5

3. Album: Blue October – “Any Man in America”

When I first listened to the free preview on iTunes, I was not feeling this song; however, now I realize how powerful this song is. The vocals aren’t necessarily anything unique, but they’re still great to listen to. Also, the bonus of strong and effective lyrics makes me want to listen even more, for example in the current biggest hit, “The Feel Again (Stay)”: “And while I sit in my four cornered room dividing hearts for a little girl, well I can’t be anything but who I am.” Justin Furstenfeld knows how to sing with emotion – you can actually feel the pain he’s feeling just through his voice.
Score: 3.5/5

4. David Guetta & Afrojack – Lunar

According to my sister, this is “authentic electronic music” which apparently means there can’t be any words.  The beginning is awesome; I wish I knew what kind of instruments they were impersonating because I would try to learn how to play it, but really, it’s just a computer. This song is actually one that makes me appreciate electronic music. It stays pretty calm for the first half, gradually speeding up, until the drop one minute and thirty seconds into the song. I could see me fully enjoying this in a club, but as for in my bedroom, I’m not feeling it.
Score: 2.5/5

5. Allstar Weekend – Blame it on September

I would have really enjoyed the irony of this song being released in September. Allstar Weekend is young so I can’t trash them quite yet. They’re currently on tour with Selena Gomez and doing pretty well for themselves. Their album, All the Way, releases September 27th, and this single shows that the album has potential. There’s a genuine attempt at meaningful lyrics – they’re not extremely deep, but at least they try harder than Lil Wayne – and an addicting hook (despite the fact that it rhymes and that’s a little bothersome).
Score: 3/5


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