Dance Party Friday Round 3


Thank you to my best friend, Cassie, for this suggestion.

The Bloody Beetroots.

As I get closer to leaving for college, I realize I should probably start listening to this so-called house music more and according to my sister, mash-ups do not count as house music. Forgive my lack of detail in review on Dance Party Friday posts, I just don’t exactly understand what’s so impressive about DJs. Maybe after a little more listening/experience, I will understand why people get so mesmerized over house music.

To me, this song is perfect for dancing; you can freely move without a care in the world. It’s lack of words allows a person to really focus on the rhythm and heavy beats. This song is a little darker than others that I’ve heard, but in a good way. For the majority of the song, a listener becomes accustomed to the familiarity of the tick-tock of the clock, but when the beat drops, he or she becomes entranced by a whole new music. There are definitely some addicting sounds throughout this song. However, Aoki’s scattered background screaming will most likely give me nightmares tonight.


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