MTV, please give your M back.


Unfortunately, YouTube does not allow me to post this on my blog, but check out this video, too.

MTV turned 30 years old this year. MTV also continued to play more reality television and less music this year. Originally, MTV introduced music videos to the world; it gave Michael Jackson and Madonna a face to their music. Where is MTV now? It’s filled with Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, and Made.

The only interaction MTV has with music anymore is during commercials, the clicker at the bottom of the reality TV shows that shows what is “Now Playing,” or AMTV from 3am to 9am. Or perhaps you want to tune in to MTV2 at 11pm or between 3am and 6am to see music videos. What happened to TRL? MTV went from playing The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star” to killing music in general by not playing music videos at all. Today, we rely on the social media to inform of us of new videos – wait for a celebrity to tweet or facebook about their new video being released and later click the link to iTunes or However, even if you go to to watch a video, they’re not on the main page – you have to click through to a separate music link. It’s really a shame that music has become secondary to reality television because the music that plays throughout MTV’s shows are actually good songs nine times out of ten.

Last I checked, MTV was an acronym for Music Television. At this point, just drop the M from MTV because it’s just Television, and worthless television at the best. Remember those fake reality television shows – Laguna Beach and The Hills – that ended up just being scripted works of idiocy? Why do we need a spin-off of a television show about sixteen-year-olds getting pregnant, or, better yet, why do we need a television show about sixteen-year-olds getting pregnant in the first place? Let’s not glamorize the idea of underage pregnancies and teenagers’ inability to raise children properly. I will admit to watching Jersey Shore, but I wouldn’t mind if it got canceled. To quote Joe Levy, “[Jersey Shore] appears to be shot by a drunken monkey with a cell phone.” If you haven’t heard, the current cast of Jersey Shore will be replaced after the fifth season because their demands for higher pay have become too much for the network. News flash MTV, do not replace the cast – CANCEL the show. Finally, Made doesn’t seem that bad; it’s a show about helping teenagers fulfill their dreams, right? Oh, except it’s those episodes where they follow a teenager around helping them become a cheerleader when you realize what you’re actually watching: complete BS.

In my opinion, MTV ruined television and it tossed music to the side like it was nothing important at all. It all started with Real World and continued getting worse until we ended up with Jersey Shore. Now, every channel is playing a new reality television show and we can’t escape. I honestly do not care about the Kardashians or some stranger’s wedding. Thank you, MTV, for screwing up television. It’s too late for the network to turn back now – they wouldn’t know how to handle running a network revolving around music – but why would they ever turn back? Together, we have all made MTV’s reality network a huge success.

Whereas the song used to be “I want my MTV,” it’s now “I want my MTV back!” So, here we go. No “Happy Birthday MTV” is coming from this article. Instead, Happy 30th Birthday TV!


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