Dance Party Friday Round 2


Big thanks to Madison for this suggestion. If anyone has a music suggestion they would like me to review, e-mail me at or Like WTF Music Review on FB with the link on the right!

Calvin Harris. Feel So Close. Benny Benassi Remix.

Of course this song is going to get a good review from me because it’s not possible for Benny Benassi to make a bad song or remix. It starts out with just a piano and a soft bass and the captivating vocals of Calvin Harris. You can start to feel the sensation of Benny Benassi about one minute into the song: a heavier bass drops, the song speeds up, and the vocals become repeated. Benassi always does a good job making remixes sound smooth rather than choppy like most DJs do. There’s no unsatisfiable skips from one section to another. Harris’ voice definitely helps this song come together too – it fits perfectly with the bass.

The only thing that could make this song better is a light show and a dance club and when this song releases on August 22, I can imagine that we won’t have too look too hard for these things. There’s a lot of people asking for another remix of this song, either by Deadmau5, Skrillex, or Nero, but I can tell you that I think this is about as good as it gets.

Thanks to Madison for this song suggestion – look for more of her suggestions soon to come.


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