This Week’s Recent Releases: July 27th-August 3rd


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1. Remix: Cee Lo Green feat. Wiz Khalifa – Bright Lights, Bigger City (August 2)

This is not a remix in any way. Since when does “featuring” mean removing twenty seconds from the original song and throwing in another artist to rap one verse? Literally, Wiz Khalifa is “featured” in this remix for thirty-five seconds. This remix is almost as bad as the remix of OneRepublic’s “Good Life” featuring B.o.B. and the only reason Cee Lo Green’s is better is because at least Cee Lo and Wiz are from the same genre of music. The original “Bright Lights, Bigger City” had great dance rhythms and beats paired with the unique voice of Cee Lo Green and an addicting chorus. However, the remix is just the same song with a new thirty-five second verse; definitely not worth the $1.29 on iTunes.

2. Single: Jack’s Mannequin – My Racing Thoughts (July 29)

I’m always happy to hear new Jack’s Mannequin songs; they’re one of those bands you enjoy listening to and never lets you down. The combination of a piano, drum set, and guitar give this song an excellent alternative sound. In addition, Andrew McMahon’s brilliant lyrics will have you singing along in seconds: “I think I’m running low on inspiration, she’s running long on borrowed time.” Keep an eye out for the album People and Things on October 4th because if this single is any indication of how amazing the album will be, we are all in for a grand treat.

3. Album: Bassnectar – Divergent Spectrum (August 2)

Perhaps the most popular song on this album currently is the “Lights” remix featuring Ellie Goulding. However, the album also includes artists such as Rollz, Gogol Bordello, ill.gates, Jantsen, and Seth Drake. Each song carries a heavy dubstep beat and amazing drops. It won’t be long until the entire album is being played in clubs. Bassnectar’s remix of “Lights” combines a very soft voice with deep beats in a smooth manner. “The Matrix,” similar to Bassnectar’s previous song “Basshead,” will blow your mind with its electronic sounds and “Above and Beyond” does actually go above and beyond. Although not many songs on the album feature vocals, the bass is enough to keep you listening. I vote that it’s definitely worth the $9.99 on iTunes if this is your kind of music.


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