I invite Canada to continue gifting great artists.


Austra. Lose It. Released: May 24,  2011.

I heard this song while enjoying a nice dessert at a hotel in New York and immediately had to, like any great twenty-first century teenager, pull out my phone and Shazam it. After listening to “Lose It” about ten times now, I’ve really grown to like its rhythm and lyrics. Austra is another one of the Canadian artists that I can easily appreciate.

When you listen to songwriter Katie Stelmanis’s voice, you can hear a slight comparison to Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine or Ellie Goulding, but overall, Katie’s voice is very unique and requires no comparison. The combination of a keyboard, drum set, bass, and synthesizer creates a very hipster, soothing musical accompaniment and Katie’s lyrics force a listener to want to sing along; the lyrics are simple yet seemingly deep.

Although, I do have to say that this is perhaps one of the weirdest music videos I have ever seen. I’ve watched it about four times now and I cannot seem to make out its meaning. All I really see is a lack of action, immobile characters, and two girls playing a hand slapping game. Maybe I’m missing the underlying tone, though?

Either way, keep an eye out for Austra. They’re not necessarily one of those bands that will make it big in the United States or ever play on the radio, but they are definitely worth hearing. When I first heard this song, I became immediately addicted and my ears wanted to dance. Their debut album, titled “Feel It Break,” released on May 17, 2011 and I recommend a listen.


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