A Trip Around the World with Alexz Johnson.


Alexz Johnson. Voodoo. Released: March 10, 2010

Complain all you want about how Canada gave us Justin Bieber, but it also gave us Alexz Johnson.

If you’ve ever been a victim to Degrassi’s repeating seasons and late-night reruns, then you have heard of Alexz Johnson. She started out as Jude Harrison on “Instant Star” and is now featured as the singer of the theme song for “Degrassi: Now or Never.” If you’re like me, you fell in love with Jude Harrison when she created and sang songs for four seasons of “Instant Star,” and you were equally upset when the albums “Songs from Instant Star 3” and “Songs from Instant Star Season 4” each only featured four Alexz Johnson songs. Sure, the other artists did a good job covering Johnson’s songs, but I watched that show for her voice (and the Jude and Tommy drama, of course).

True fans of “Instant Star” followed Alexz Johnson to her solo days in which we heard songs that showed Johnson’s true talent: “Golden” which is paired with a beautiful piano accompaniment, “Chicago” which intertwined a number of instruments to create a somewhat reggae feel, and “Running With the Devil” featuring faster lyrics by Johnson and a steady drum beat. However, don’t expect to find this album on iTunes because due to unfortunate complications, it was never released. Seems like Johnson has been cheated out of some success.

Finally, the wait was over. Alexz partnered with her brother and “Voodoo” was released. It started with “A Trip Around the World,” telling people to escape the stress of the everyday world and being free and happy. The second most popular song. according to iTunes (and what could possibly give a better statistic), “L.A. Made Me,” has a more upbeat rhythm and louder vocals. I wish I could talk about every song because they’re all very deserving, but I will end with my favorite: “Superstition.” The chorus is the true beauty of this song:

“I’m looking in the mirror,
I’m in the middle, staying alive,
I’m trying not to fear her,
There’s too much static,
She’s hard to fight.
I’m hanging the receiver,
I’ll call you later,
I need to save her.
And baby if you see her,
tell her you love her.”

These lyrics, paired with the soft, gentle musical background and Johnson’s soothing voice, tells the story of a girl who needs saving.

Overall, “Voodoo” showed what Alexz Johnson was capable of outside of “Instant Star.” It’s also the perfect album to listen to while riding a boat on the water; I know from experience.


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