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(I understand that the link will not play from this site, please click through to YouTube until I find a new copy of the video. Sorry for the inconvenience. It’s worth it though.)

Kap Slap – E.T. Feels Starry Eyed (Dubstep Mashup ft. Modestep, NiT GriT and Feed Me)

Kap Slap, where did you come from? Nine times out of ten, I hate remixes and mash-ups. Normally, I find absolutely nothing impressive about somebody putting other people’s music together. Not this time though. Kap Slap does an amazing job of combining ten different songs into one. Originally, it caught my eye because it because it starts off with two of my favorite songs: “Starry Eyed” by Ellie Goulding and “E.T.” by Katy Perry. Eventually, a total of ten songs are mashed into one song:

1) Starry Eyed – Ellie Goulding
2) Hold On – Bill Posters
3) E.T. – Katy Perry
4) Feel Good – Modestep
5) Prituri Se Planinata (NiT GriT Remix) – Stellamara
6) Oro Mo Bhaidin (Sleepyhead Sample) – Mary O’Hara
7) Walking On A Dream – Empire Of The Sun
8) Look At Me Now – Chris Brown
9) Choose Me – Xilent
10) Cloudburn – Feed Me

Kap Slap does a great job of combining different styles into one song. Nothing sounds choppy or thrown into the song. He does a great job making sure the transition from one song to another flows well. Fifty-two seconds into the song, the beat picks up, but drops back down to introduce “Walking on a Dream” by  Empire of the Sun aside “Look at Me Now” by Chris Brown. Then, two minutes into the song, Kap Slap successfully lays down a dubstep feel that holds for the remainder of the song.

Not just this song is impressive though. Kap Slap also does amazing mashups with Deadmau5, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Paradiso Girls, Kanye West, and plenty of others. All of his mashups are receiving about 20,000 views on YouTube and he’s continuing to grow. His mashups scream creativity.

Best part of the whole song? You can download it for free:


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