I am a proud Fannequin of Jessie and the Toy Boys.


Jessie and the Toy Boys. Show Me Your Tan Lines. Released: June 14, 2011.

Jessie Malakouti is a mix of Britney Spears and Ke$ha with more talent and less desire for drama. She goes so far to avoid drama that her band members are actually mannequins and her dancers are named with numbers. She’s currently an opening act on the Femme Fatale tour and she’s making a name for herself as her fan base grows rapidly after each show. She’s got vocal talent and performance skill and soon everyone will know the name “Jessie and the Toy Boys.”

It helps that she has a real passion for music and her fans. She personally responds to every fan’s tweet and facebook post, and during a live chat on Xbox’s facebook page, she took the time to respond to each legitimate question… including mine (way better than @ddlovato, @britneyspears, and @katyperry who never took the time to respond to anything I sent them). She posts videos on YouTube documenting her experience on the Femme Fatale tour so that her fans can share the experience and she hosts a meet and greet at almost every one of her concerts.

Her album drops in October, but she has released her “Show Me Your Tan Lines LP” which includes five original songs and one remix. My personal favorite, “We Own the Night,” has a beat that makes you want to dance and lyrics that make you want to sing along. In her live chat on Xbox, Jessie mentioned that her favorite song of her own is “Valentine.” This song has unique, fun vocals and the lyrics will have you singing along after one listen. Probably the biggest single, “Push It,” has an addictive beat and sexy lyrics. About two minutes into the song, the beat changes and Jessie drops into a more dub-step feel as she breaks into a more talk-rap feel; it really expresses her all-around talent. “Push It” also features a surprise verse from Yelawolf that fits perfectly with the song. The lyrics to all of Jessie’s songs are the right kind of raunchy – not inappropriate, but perfectly suggestive. Jessie and the Toy Boys is exactly what pop should be.

Although I went to the Femme Fatale concert to see Britney Spears, I left with a real attachment to Jessie and the Toy Boys. I was even fortunate enough to run into Jessie walking out of the Amphitheater. I’ll admit I was quite awkward in my approach towards her and it took me about 2 minutes to actually talk to her, but she seemed actually willing to take a picture with me whereas most artists might get annoyed. Jessie is definitely an artist that appreciates music and recognizes the absolute privilege she has touring with Britney Spears. She worked her way up to the level she’s at and she proves that she has the desire to make an even bigger name for herself. I really think we’ll be hearing more from her and about her.


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