Florence Welch is just a goddess. Simply stated.


Florence + the Machine. Album: Lungs. Release Date: July 5, 2009.

Florence Welch’s voice is so seductive that it intimidates me. Mix that voice with the percussion and strings of “The Machine” and you have what appears to be a band dropped straight from Heaven to bless your ears. I’m not really religious, but if I were, that would seem like the most holy way to illustrate the power of Florence + the Machine. Every song on this album makes the hair on your arms stand up, your heart skip a beat, and your body dance.

Start with the most popular: “Dog Days are Over.” Now, to me, and hundreds of others in the town of Mequon, WI, this song has a whole other meaning: it’s a dedication to a lost friend. Since I am able to see its effect on another person, I recognize the true nature of this song. It’s happiness. It starts out with the  most beautiful harp accompaniment and leads into the soft vocals of Welch. I guarantee within seconds, you will be clapping along. Clap-clap… clap. (Well, I guess you can’t really express a rhythm in words.)

Don’t stop at just one song though because every song on this album has a different emotion to offer. The short but amazing “Kiss With a Fist” brings out sweet revenge with a rocking tune. “Cosmic Love” lends the most soothing accompaniment and the most addictive beat that will have you dancing with your arms after only 29 seconds (and I know this from experience). My personal favorite, “Howl” will have you feeling sexier than ever; if you want to get completely ridiculous, you can express this feeling through an outrageous dance.

All of this emotion and musical addiction shines through Florence on stage. I had been anticipating seeing Florence + the Machine live in Milwaukee for months. I even had the extremely gracious opportunity to meet Florence Welch; yes, I cried and I asked to her sign my arm (I avoided washing my arm for 8 days afterwards). Her accent is beautiful and her voice is simply the most sweet thing I’ve ever heard.

Aside from that little anecdote, Florence put on an absolutely fantastic concert. Every note she sang, you could tell she had a passion for what she was doing. She skipped across the stage. She wore a cape. She spun in circles. The energy needed to produce the emotion in her songs was one-hundred-percent there. The entire crowd was engaged. I know that there wasn’t a moment that I stopped jumping or spinning with her. I can tell you that her show wasn’t long enough because I hoped it would never end.


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