Demi Lovato’s #SKYSCRAPER took over my twitter feed… but I’m fine with it.


Demi Lovato. “Skyscraper”

The much anticipated return of Demi Lovato finally came. When Skyscraper dropped July 12, my twitter feed became overwhelmed with retweets from Demi Lovato and every celebrity I follow giving her praise. #SKYSCRAPER trended faster than #osamaisdead and my twitter feed was like a personal search result for SKYSCRAPER. At first, this annoyed me, but then I thought back to my approximately 50 tweets @britneyspears and @katyperry that never were answered and applauded Demi for taking the time to retweet every fan… except me (I won’t hold the grudge for too long, Demi).

I listened to the minute and 30 second free preview that iTunes gifted me and the song sounded nice, but I didn’t hear anything too spectacular so I passed it up. It was when I heard the introductory piano part paired with the television preview for Prime Suspect that I heard its originality. Seconds later, Lovato’s voice chimed in and it all sparked. Demi Lovato made a great comeback. My congratulations to her.

Emotion spills from this song: pain, hate, hope, and strength. It’s like a personal message from Demi Lovato herself – something many young teens (and myself) dream of. Demi offers the most powerful message through this song; it doesn’t matter whether or not you can connect to it, you hear it and you embrace it. Aside from the message, Lovato’s vocal range is just as impressive. At the beginning of the song, she sings low, peaceful notes and by the end of it, she belts out notes higher than I can reach while singing in my car.

The next day, July 13, the music video for “Skyscraper” dropped. I don’t see it being nominated for a VMA (and if it does, I will eat my words), but it’s beautiful and deserves to be watched. It’s simple. It’s elegant. It’s Demi Lovato in a white dress walking on a beach. It’s rage and hope shining out of her facial expressions and eyes. It is exactly the visual that the song needed. I can see the battle that Demi faced just through this video. I applaud her.

So, now we see why we give all songs a second chance. I cannot believe I passed up on “Skyscraper” at first. My apologies to Demi Lovato because it’s slowly working its way up my Top 25 Most Played playlist and soon enough my family will walk in on me dancing and singing to it in my bedroom.


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