JSOnline’s Review can suck Katy Perry’s Peacock… if she had one.


Katy Perry. California Dreams Tour. July 7, 2011. Milwaukee, WI.

Let’s ignore the dancing boys and giddy girls at the beginning and just discuss the excellence that was Katy Perry at the Marcus Amphitheater this July. And while we reminisce on this performance, let’s keep in mind that the woman was sick (no thanks to Jimmy John’s). I went into Katy Perry’s concert liking a few of her songs and left wanting to be her best friend. She brought enthusiasm, energy, sexy dancers, and a desire to connect with her crowd.

Yes, Perry’s show seemed rehearsed, but really, it’s the California Dreams Tour and every good concert is going to seem a little rehearsed. However, she did a great job taking a break from the concert to talk to the audience. At one point before “I Kissed a Girl,” she brought on a man from the crowd, gifting him a kiss on the cheek. In the middle of the show, Katy got really personal as she sat on a chair and sang “Big Pimpin’,” Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” and “I Whip my Hair.” She changed her outfit eight times during “Hot ‘n Cold.” At the finale of her concert, Katy brought on what seemed like random members of the crowd on stage to dance with her. There wasn’t a second during the concert that I didn’t feel involved; I felt like it was a personal show just for me.

Successfully, Katy personalized this stop on the California Dreams Tour for Milwaukee. After the first set of songs, Perry announced that she had come down with food poisoning and had been sick; she was advised to cancel the Milwaukee show. Her response? “Fuck no!” She mentioned that she’d rather have them bring out a tub on stage than cancel the show. Later, she held a conversation about her first taste of cheese curds – and yes, Katy Perry, you should have tried the fried cheese curds. Overall, Katy’s true personality shined throughout every aspect of her show.

So, Dave Tianen of JSOnline.com, is Katy “worse than Britney in her prime” and has Summerfest “seen worse”? Let’s think about who’s been in that Amphitheater: 90’s sensation No Doubt, my personal favorite Paramore, none other than Britney Spears, the sexy Adam Levine and Maroon5, popular Counting Crows. Katy Perry put on an excellent concert. I’d rank her number one in any concert I’ve seen. Maybe we shouldn’t let 50-year-old men give music critiques of music aimed at teenage girls and young women anymore because I don’t think Mr. Tianen had the same appreciation for Katy Perry as the thousands of people in attendance that night.


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